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Earbuds Pro 4

Earbuds Pro 4
Earbuds Pro 4
Earbuds Pro 4
Earbuds Pro 4
Earbuds Pro 4
Earbuds Pro 4
Earbuds Pro 4
Earbuds Pro 4
Earbuds Pro 4
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  • Model: EarBuds Pro 4
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What to expect from a new generation of EarBuds Pro copies, you’ll learn in a detailed review below. In this test, you will learn about the build quality and, of course, about the sound quality.

Naturally, the new EarBuds Pro copy model got a completely identical look. The sound of the Pro 4 TWS is really cool, but we’ll talk about it a bit later.

Pro 4 TWS: In the box

The appearance and design of the box are no different from its predecessors of copies of various EarBuds models.

Inside the box lies the charging case itself, headphones, additional ear tips, documentation, a Type-C charging cable with an adapter for Lightning.

Pro 4 TWS: Design

Thre are no reason to talk about the appearance, since it is completely identical to its copy. Finding the differences between the EarBuds Pro and the Pro 4 is really difficult. Therefore, the manufacturer makes a bias towards sound quality, not design

There is no need to invent something new, just need to take templates make a similar product. 

The shape and size of the headphones are made similarly to the original. Of the interesting, it is worth noting, in the case there are special sound taps on which the ear tips themselves are attached.

Pro 4 TWS: Specifications

16 ohms
Driver unit
Dynamic Driver
Bluetooth 5.0
Frequency response
Bluetooth protocol
30(300) mAh
Charging Time
120 min
Music Time
  • 3 Months Warranty

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